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Save the Date

Save the Date
Alafiz & Binisha
 July 6, 2019

Alafiz and I met online like most of today’s society. We had a mutual family friend that told him about me and Alafiz later sent me a friend request on Facebook. I accepted the request and he shortly messaged me on Facebook. We talked a little about each other and then I came to know he was just visiting Houston and he would be on his way back to Boston, Massachusetts in the next 2 days. Alafiz asked me out on a date before he heads back. I was very hesitant at first, my concern was not for my safety but I was rather afraid of being labeled as “easy”. I didn’t want to go just because he had asked me to come. I barely knew this guy! I’m very conservative. I however, took the plunge and went out with him. He showed up with flowers and the rest is history...