6/11/2018 12:00:00 AM | TAGS Indian Consulate General Wedding Houston

Harshit and Gayatri Wedding at Indian Consulate, Houston

It was July 2016, when Harshit bought a new car and joined the facebook group; and was soon pinged by a girl with a lava color car. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship as they began chatting and exchanged phone numbers. In Harshit's words "...Never knew that one acquaintance would be so bliss-full and lifelong. We met in a coffee shop during sunset; it was almost scripted to be so romantic. We chatted for more than two hours; saw sun setting in front of us, baby turtles hiding in their shell at Lake Travis shore. It has been almost two years now; we still have that excitement when we see each other, still learning a lot about each other, we still see immense love for each other. Gayatri, you have been a wonderful gift of fate to me."
We let the romantic couple be themselves as they embarked upon a beautiful journey that is to last a lifetime and captured some memorable shots at their wedding at the Indian consulate's office in Houston. God Bless the newly wed. !!

"I hope he calls you in the morning
after a night of sleeping in a big, empty bed
Just to say good morning
Just to hear your voice
as it is the only wake-up call
he needs.
I hope he holds your hand proudly
as you walk through a room
of people you don’t know.

I hope he encourages you to make art
take risks
travel the world
be alone—
always knowing that you’ll be back
home in his warm embrace
as long as his heart is open.

I hope he wears his heart on his sleeve
and is not shy
to adorn yours
as well.

I hope he is the kind of person
who, when presented with the ocean,
will not shy away
from diving in
to ride the waves.

I hope he can see that all of you
is in the stars
poking through
the dark sky
of your past.

I hope he is not scared
by your ability to choose growth
your ability to not be held hostage
by the person you were yesterday
last week
last year.
This is who I hope
for you—
Because you are worthy
of being loved
by a heart so bright
the sun blushes
in admiration."
Abstract taken from the poem by Annabel Blythe