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Our Albums are designed by world class artists, printed in the best quality branded ink, spread out in high quality media and packed in unique, hand-made, Italian royal covers. What you see is a rich, aesthetic, customized album which customers adore and cherish.

Flush Mount Albums

This high-quality, hand-crafted album is our most popular album. Its seamless flush mounted pages allow for beautiful panoramic spreads of your favorite photos. Its sturdy build and premium design make it an album that is as durable as it is beautiful. This classic album is characterized by a  seamless center and storybook layout that evokes tradition and elegance. Customized raised lettering, embossing, and several beautiful cover options give this album a personal touch that our clients surely appreciate. Our Flush Mount album covers are made from leather and come in the following colors:

Raised Lettering and Cut-out Cover

Upgrading to embossing is also available, this can include names and the date of your special day.
This beautiful cover can be customized with the photo and leather of your choice. Please ask your album designer for pricing.
Choose from a full wrap or a partial photo cover.


An immense amount of time, care and detail go into the album design. The goal of the album design process is to combine our creative vision of your wedding day with your ideas in a collaborative effort to create a beautiful heirloom.


We customize our albums to your wedding theme and your choice. Our artists work hard style the albums in a manner never seen before - colors, designs, material used in the album are all of the highest quality available. At the end of everything we strive to give you a work of art, a masterpiece that you and your family will love for all the years to come. What we do is to make your memories immortal !!


The following examples are from 12×12 Flush Mount and 10×14 Fine Art Overlay albums.  The center fold in the middle of each spread divides it into two pages.  Before you begin the album design process, it is important for you to understand our vision for telling your story.  Here are a few sample spreads to help illustrate our album design philosophy.

Sample Spread 1 – Details

This is the first spread in an album and it is intended to set the scene. Notice that the dress is the primary focus, with the rest of the collage supporting/supplementing it.

Sample Spread 2 & 3 – Portraits

The images chosen for these spreads all share the same background making the spread look concise, clean and elegant.


Sample Spread 4 – First Look

We chose to tell the story of this first look in 4 images,  focusing on the emotions that lead to the final grand moment.

Sample Spread 5 – Bridal Party

In the following spread, we focused solely on the Bridal Party showing not only on the beauty of their venue but the relationships and emotions of the day.

Sample Spread 6 & 7 – Details

When designing the details and room spreads we focus on the small details that lead to making the entire room amazing.